Health and Wellness with your Samba?


Every year on the last weekend of May, the streets of San Francisco are filled with music from Brazil and Latin America in celebration of carnaval. Carnaval San Franciso is a two-day festival and parade in the Mission District along Harrison Street. Attendees can enjoy a weekend filled with music from Brazil and Latin America, along with other international musicians and dance groups, delicious global cuisine, and arts and crafts.

The grand parade begins Sunday morning at the corner of 24thand Bryant Streets and heads down Mission Avenue. Groups from across the Bay Area

For the last three years Carnaval San Francisco has also hosted a health and wellness fair, bringing education and resources to attendees and local community members. Latino Connect, a San Francisco community organization, has spearheaded the Health and Wellness Pavilion (HWP) to address the needs of the community by bringing services and screenings directly to them in an accessible forum.

The HWP brings together organizations from the Bay Area to provide health education and services, including blood pressure and dental screenings, nutritional education and resources, services for seniors, live Zumba classes, and sexual and behavioral education, to name a few. Over 50,000 community members visit the HWP over the course of the weekend.

In previous years medical and dental students from University of California San Francisco (UCSF) have volunteered their time providing screenings and education to community members who may not otherwise see a health care professional. The HWP is a great way for UCSF to have a presence in the community and interact with individuals who live and work in the same city.

Join us May 25 and 26 2019 from 10am to 4pm! Come enjoy the music and food, and don’t forget to visit the Health and Wellness Pavilion. If you would like to get involved the health fair is a wonderful way to merge your UCSF work with a community event.