Friday, November 8, 2019

Editor's note: Ninad Bhat's "Patience" took second place in the Synapse Storytelling Contest creative writing, poetry category.

The room is encased in silence

Threads of conversation untwined for a moment

As we all remain motionless, waiting for

Someone, something, some next act in

Our play stuck in intermission between

The opening of a drawer, revealing

Chekhov’s gun and the inevitable

Unwieldy discharge of a bullet of new activity

Shattering this dispassionate moment of

Calm. In the midst of the flow of my surroundings, I

Find myself suddenly aware that it is not

The world that has halted but my own

Set of atoms, puzzle pieces held frozen in

Place. I notice now that the untwining was

Not the spoken words and brittle actions

Of those around me but my own concept

Frustrated, stuck, intangible and inaccessible in

My own vault of quiet stupor.