More Than A Disease

Physical Therapy

Editor's note: Lena Alazzeh's "More Than A Disease" won third place in the Synapse Storytelling Contest creative writing, poetry category.


Do you see me?

And all that I am

I mean do you really see me

Past my illness and what ails me

From the clipboard of my facts

Do you know who I am?

What I enjoy and what I want to return towards?

Do you understand me

Can you See past your narrow scope

Do you know my past and everything that makes me who you see

Seeing my present and all that brings me joy as well as sadness

My hopes and my fears

Do you hear me?

I mean really hear me

My worries and concerns

My struggles I have at home

Am I more than a diagnosis?

More than just another customer

Am I a person or just a pathology

Do you treat me or just my parts

I am not just the sum of tests and numbers

I am my feelings and beliefs

My background and my needs

Please don’t make me disappear

Remember why you are here

Treat me like I am a human being

Not just my disease