Joyful Sounds

Sunday, April 26, 2020

I took art lessons growing up, but didn't start loving it and creating meaningful pieces of my own until college. I mostly like working with oil and only paint recreationally.

For me, painting is all about slowing down and channeling my thoughts, experiences, and feelings into a visual representation.

It's more about the process than the product, so I invite others into my reflections and their own reflective space when they look at my artwork.

This piece has a two-fold inspiration: First, ever since taking anatomy in college, I started musing over how the immaterial arises out of material.

Out of muscles and bones... love and connection. When I held a nerve in my hand, I thought about how this stringy thing allowed that person to sense the world.

The optic nerve allowed that person to admire beauty, the median and ulnar nerves to sense the warm touch of another's hand and hold it tightly. In other words, out of physical... emotional and spiritual.

That’s why I learned early on with physical therapy, you’re never just treating the physical. In the case of instruments, out of nuts and bolts... music.

Secondly, I also started to think about discipline in training, a running theme in my life lately.

It takes hearing sour note after sour note to figure out where to put your hands in the right place. The unfortunate thing is, everyone can hear you when you’re learning how to play.

I often get frustrated at how many times I have to learn the same lesson.

But I suppose when you’re learning a new song, you need to practice the same lines over and over again.

So this is a reminder us to be patient and endure, because a beautiful song is in the making!