Humans of UCSF: Decompress

Saturday, May 2, 2020

What are you doing during the COVID isolation order?

COVD seems to have hit everyone differently. During this isolation I've been spending a lot of time revising my master’s thesis from my desk.

It seems the longer I sit here the more I would like to be out and about. I used to get most of my writing done at coffee shops across the city and now that seems like a distant memory.

I have also spent a lot of time looking for an RN position, as the need for more healthcare workers rise, I have reached out to fill that need within the San Francisco Community.

I have also joined the UCSF COPE though my program which offers mental health services to staff affected by the current situation, along with Governor Gavin Newsom's Ca Health Corps for potential deployment.

What useful tips do you have for others?

Give yourself acceptance even during your most unproductive days.

Taking time to decompress from your surroundings comes in many forms and it’s not always staying busy, it can be meditating, spending extra time with pets or getting outdoors in a safe distance.

Something that helps me is thinking of how proud we will all be when this is all over and realizing how resilient we truly are in the face of adversity.