Humans of UCSF: Loving Nature

Monday, May 11, 2020

What are you doing during the COVID-19 isolation order? Catching up with old friends, playing Board Game Arena with classmates, reading books that have been sitting untouched on my shelf for months, watching a movie a day to keep the late-night boredom away, jogging across Golden Gate Park, and appreciating the springtime bloom of cherry blossoms and other flowers across the city on daily walks.

What useful tip(s) do you have for others in self-isolation? Get outside for a healthy dose of nature, pursue a new hobby (that succulent puzzle would make for some great wall décor), rejuvenate an old one (dust off the old guitar or Nintendo), and otherwise fill your days with things that keep you sane and make you happy.

You could try some recipes for baking, cooking, or brewing (dalgona coffee!). You could follow in the footsteps of many Moms out there and sew some stylish masks for yourself, friends, and family. You could schedule game or movie nights over Zoom with loved ones.

The world is your oyster with all this newfound free time. Use it to tidy up your routine and prioritize activities that spark joy.