School of Nursing

Al aprender inglés

en el segundo año en la primaria,

me preguntan, <<¿Como dices tu nombre?>>      (en inglés)

              In third grade ESL—


             We are going to practice rhyming words.

            Remember, some words are real, and some are not.

                                          (For example: Abel rhymes with able).

(Other two-syllable words people have used include:

                                          ca/ble, da/ble, fa/ble,




                                         la/ble, Ma/bel, na/ble,

                                         ta/ble, za/ble);


                                          In my seventh grade

                                         world history class,

                                         when I was in outer space,

                                         Mr. Gebhardt asked me,

                                         in front of his class,


                                          Abel, are you able to hold your pencil?

                                         Abel, are you able to write?


 Next, if you can’t think of any more words try adding a third syllable or a




                                      (For example: Abel rhymes with dis/




                    Disable (verb, often passive): ‘to cause someone to have an illness, injury, or condition that makes it difficult for them to do the things that other people do.’ (The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary &Thesaurus).

Years later,

my therapist tells me /Abel,

you are