Pawn Queen

Monday, February 1, 2021

I am a Pawn
I know this
I am surrounded by pawns that act like pawns
I’m always being told I’m a pawn and to go the direction that pawns go
Pawns always have limited places to move
Are the first to battle and first to defeat
But I don’t feel like a pawn
I don’t act like a pawn
I don’t like to move like a pawn
I know I’m more even if I come from a many games of pawns
they are not me
I’ve heard many stories of different pawns that have become king
I don’t think they were better than me
I tell stories to my pawns of one day becoming Queen
And they laugh in my face and say Pawns don’t win
But they are wrong and with that thinking they will always be pawns
Who am I born a pawn not to die as one
I vow to become king and not to stay in a protected position
Or join the Queens, Rooks, Bishops & Knights
But through this vow I will protect my pawns and show them how to be

more than what they think they are
To let it be known Pawns can win
Game Over