The Biblio Unfurl

Sunday, November 14, 2021

This entry earned Woodger Faugas third place in the Synapse Storytelling photography category. This striking work manipulates and overlays photographs to create a tableau that encourages the viewer into the creator’s uniquely artistic expression. Audiences are encouraged to use their imagination to discover the image, and in this way discover a bit about themselves.

Where does photography start, and where does it end? And how does a photographic artifact traverse from its inception to its printing and exhibition? And finally, what role does a photographer play in shaping a photograph’s aesthetic fabric, or appeal? Portrayed therein is an artistic embellishment, or vivid, if not quaint, exaggeration, of an original photograph that incites these very questions, having gradually changed its colorific spectrum through the photographic reframing process. Limning, inter alia, a guitar, wearing apparel, and the literal unfurling of a book, perhaps a novella, hung from the ceiling of a chic, street-side clothing boutique, this photograph constitutes not just a “picture snapped” but one that is constructed, claiming artistic liberty, and malleability, for photography, as a medium of aesthetic expression.