Buddha's Sidewalk

Friday, January 28, 2022

Kaleidoscopic luminosity, urban serenity, and vivid imagery –– these are the essential qualities exuded by this meta-illustrative, and regenerative, portrayal of the Golden Gate Bridge, and by conceptual extension, Golden Gate City. Through drawing on visual vibrancy, as a theme, and a sidewalk-inscribed, Buddha-inspired apothegm, as a backdrop, this piece compels its artist-photographer, as well as its contemplative beholders, to flex, and reconsider, the aesthetic limits of photography, as a medium. Photographed, and edited in San Francisco, and having originated in the photographic form, this art-meets-photography rendering aims to represent, with optimal incorporeal alignment, the “here-and-now” of the contemplated scenic subject, as well as the “what-do-I-see” from the artist’s vintage point, as still life photography straddles the world of art.