Hands slicing apricots.

apricots & shallots

Saturday, December 3, 2022

I think often of the apricots & shallots

that I diced in your kitchen last year

with a knife you had placed

on the counter

that i pickled in a glass

bowl of vinegar


and I wonder at the sticky

particularness of moments and of half

disintegrated fruits and

of new york november

dusk which swam

brilliantly around us


and the same way I am sure about

fruit and how

it portends pleasure

or about the sharp scent of

shallots or the sharp

knife of time I am


sure about the lines

between the apricots

sweetly separated

from their skins

and the close-to-the-surfaceness

of me in that season


between the circles

of their bodies changing

in the vinegar

and the ways that we

ourselves have changed around

each other


between the work of knives

and hands and



transformation and



I think often of those apricots & shallots

which I diced in your kitchen

last year

of their surrender to the will

of change

sweet and acrid at the same