Heart breaking illustration.

Summer & Winter

Tuesday, April 4, 2023

She was right.
I don’t know what love is
I’ve seen it, and received it, but never given it
Or perhaps I gave it all away to the wrong people
And those who deserved it…where are they now
Not with me, of course
A trail of broken hearts left to mend on their own
Just like mine was

Time doesn’t heal anything
It is nothing more than a potion of forgetfulness
The memories that cloud your head like a deep fog
It tints them blue
Until everything disappears into the sky of oblivion
I remember too much for my own good
I reminisce too much for my own good
I make too many mistakes for my own good
My own good isn’t even good anymore

The best thing I can do is wish you the best and wish myself good riddance
Hopefully one day I disappear into your sky of oblivion