Tinder phone screen


Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Swipe, swipe, left-right, swipe,
This one, that one, they’re all hype.

Promising excitement, delivering banality,
Since when does money buy originality?

“Hey.” “Hi.” “How’s it going?”
How embarrassing, your lack of effort is showing.

But wait, who’s this? So clever and cute!
Beautiful, witty, and thoughtful to boot!

We meet, BOOM! Instant chemistry.
Excited to unravel each other’s mystery.

But then a fizzle. A sag. A red flag or three.
It ends with a shrug. A heartbreak. A livid decree.

But the tears soon dry, and it’s back to the grind.
Is sustainability impossible to find?

“Let’s get coffee. “Drinks.” “Let’s go on a hike.”
No, I don’t really care about your thousand-dollar bike.

Since when did dating become all about boasting?
Recently I’ve gotten exceptional at ghosting.

But I’m still here, playing this foolish game,
I don’t really have anyone else to blame.