Fast or Slow

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

In the middle of the crowded highways
Looking at the busy fast vehicles I think
Nobody seems to care for anybody
Is the world moving too fast?
Or is it me overthinking
But I really feel the ‘fast’ as
Time seems to slip like
sand from the hand..

In the middle of the day at home
Working from the home office I think
Nothing seems to be alive anymore
Is really everything so slow?
Or am I again overthinking
I really feel the ‘slow’ pace of life
Minutes are not easy to pass
When you are alone..

In the middle of a park in the evening
Sitting on the bench, I think
There is color, happiness, and joy all around
I really need to take that deep breath
And feel the warmth of everything than overthinking
I need to feel that imperfect combination of fast and slow
Empathy, care, and help are the tools needed
To spend a lovely time in this beautiful life.