Woman looking at skyline

Children of the Lost Patriarchy

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

What do you say to the fatherless ones
On Fathers Day?
Do you look them in their long-lost eyes
And congratulate them on 
Finding their own compass
With no

            true north? 

Or do you assume we are just like you,
Guided and loved with someone 

                                                sturdy to lean on?

I stayed silent for many moons
On Fathers Day,
Taking cover from the 

                                    TRUTH BOMB

That I will never be 


There were no fishing trips or baseball games,
No pep talks or life advice,
Or whatever it is that 

                                    fathers do.

There will be no father-daughter dance
On my wedding day,
No hero to cheer me on as I 
Morph and mold into my womanhood 

                                                            throughout life,

And no one to model 
How a man should treat me. 

When you realize you 
Come from a sperm donor
Who departed deliberately 
Or through death-
Whether he was too young,

                                    too violent

Or otherwise   


The Children of the lost Patriarchy 
Grow a spine with branches
Reaching for the heavens for guidance

                                                            found elsewhere.

With weathered bones before we knew
We were broken,
And trust issues for 


To track the distance we have conquered
Despite no ground

                        below us, 

We are camouflaged to culture with all our might,
And we… are… 


I may never know a father’s love
But instead I have found 
The Sky,
The Sacred,
And the occasional surrogate parent
Who walks across my windshield
At the crossroads of my life,
All who teach me more 
In their brief passing
Than a lifetime of resentment

                                                ever could. 

To all my fellow bastard babies 
In hiding,
Let’s bury our shame in the 

                                                open pasture.

There is no carbon copy
For what we’re missing out on
today (and every other day),
But Father energy… is… 


Elusive, He is not confined 
To just one man
But instead He lives in 
The fire of our 

                        inner strength,

In our fledgling confidence 
As we stand up after each of 

                                    life’s assaults.

He is the vertical rise
Of the trees and

                        the shining sun 

That shows up somehow 
every day 
when everything else

                        fails us. 

This Elemental Father
Is all we’ve ever known,
And that is something 
to celebrate. 
So to all my sky-bound siblings,

Happy Fathers Day.