This quarter during a Tuesday lunchtime elective course dental students are taking a break from learning to care for patients to focus on caring for themselves!

One hundred and thirty undergraduates from all over California and even some out of state, came eager to learn about the future of dentistry on February 28 here at UCSF.

On Friday, April 24, Point-of-Care UltraSound (POCUS), invites all UCSF students and faculty to attend a student-led Ultrasound Conference and Exposition in the Millberry Union Conference Center.

Lessons in a Lunch Box: Healthy Teeth Essentials & Facts About Snacks® is a new oral health literacy program designed to empower children and their families with proper knowledge about routine dental care, oral health maintenance, goo

Soka University Nursing Student Delegation

Recently, the UCSF School of Nursing(SON) welcomed Nursing Students from Soka University of Japan (SUJ). An opening ceremony featured Dean David Vlahov, RN PhD and Department Chair, Carmen Portillo RN, PhD, FAAN.  Dr.

The field of precision medicine has been garnering tremendous attention lately.

Graphic of world with picture of people connected by dotted lines.

Collaborative academic platforms like Mendeley, ResearchGate and have become very popular among scientists. ResearchGate alone has more than 4,000 members affiliated with UCSF.