The most successful UCSF students not only pay careful attention to their studies, but also take time to engage with their communities, build relationships, and have fun.

“Patient loss was a unique affective experience that had a smoke-like quality. Like smoke, this grief was intangible and invisible.

The Science and Health Education Partnership (SEP) at UCSF is currently recruiting scientists to serve as day-to-day mentors to high school students for its High School Intern Program.

Mr. A and Ms. M knew as early as in their elementary school years that they were expected to attend and graduate from college. Their parents were both college graduates who afforded as many opportunities as possible to expose their children to college and university environments. As a family they would attend sports, College Day, and Open House events at the parents’ respective alma maters. These opportunities allowed the children to converse with faculty, staff, and students at these schools.

This May, the UCSF National Center of Excellence in Women’s Health will celebrate its 20th anniversary. To commemorate this momentous occasion, students and their family and friends are invited to a festive street fair on Saturday, May 7 from 10 a

Climate 911 is planning a Healthy Climate Solutions tour for this summer and is looking for student and retired health professional volunteers to educate communities about climate solutions and their health co-benefits.

The Consulting Club at UCSF is about to start an exciting season of consulting with its big Kickoff Event and Speed Networking Session at 5 pm on Thursday, March 10 in Mission Hall 1401.

Dear fellow UCSF grad students, at the January 2016 meeting of the Associated Students of the Graduate Division (ASGD), then President Michael Le announced his intention to step down and begin wrapping up his graduate training at UCSF.

Join CNN correspondent Soledad O’Brien in a discussion on injustice and health on Wednesday, Feb. 24.

Do you love teaching? Inspiring young children? Sharing your passion for science? What if you could do all of this and receive a stipend for your hard work?