Humans of UCSF: A Duty to Love

Friday, April 22, 2016

“Following Jesus Christ has been the central theme in my life since college, and doing so has helped me to understand myself and the world, with all its beauty and also brokenness. This has been my source of strength, significance, and purpose, and my faith also gives me hope in the face of the inevitable death that we all face. It’s through the perspective of Jesus Christ that I see the people around me and the patients I work with. To me, each person is precious and of infinite value and deserving of concrete love, care, and compassion that I can show to them. In fact, I believe we have a duty to love and care for the people around us - not just our patients, but also our classmates and people whatever community we find ourselves in.”

Alyssa Tao, M1

UCSF School of Medicine