Night Walk from Parnassus


My feet pound a solemn heartbeat

Each step a heavy smear on the ground

Pulling myself down the orange hill

Painted by the lamps lurching above

Dandelions emitting a fuzzy hum into the still air

That whispers coldness through my clothes

Begging not to be forgotten


Ahead is a galaxy squeezed into strips

Stars arranged and rearranging

Rhythms of red, green, yellow, white

Cars hush past in oceanic tones

Waves gently crashing

As blocky caterpillars crawl along

Mechanical sighs joining the chorus

Yearning to soothe


The thoughts pecking at my head

Staccato stabs and muzzle flashes

Burning in cacophonous afterimages

Doubts herding together

A noisy collage rustling and flapping

Screeching for focus –


I exhale those firecrackers for another day

Another encore in waiting

For I am now home

With silence.