Wants Not Needs

Monday, February 18, 2019

You ask me why everyone around you is succeeding

And you’re left alone conceding these feelings

From when you first departed

Aspirations written down on the application you started

To your future life -

But it didn’t last long before you tripped

It was, as you said, your hand slipped

And now it hovers tiredly overthe page you call “the present.”

It isn’t that you didn’t prepare

You cared

You even learnt the art of the flaunt

Throw away what you wanted

To get more of what you want

You’re a hero without a costume to disguise

The shock when your efforts yield a net sum of zero.

You’re not a fool – yet you still seem so surprised

You’re watching the microwave timer with slow eyes

Trying to identify

The point where you wavered

That one moment

Where you overreached.

Look there! The opportunity you once sought

Now you pass it by without a sober second thought

Everything floats downstream

You know it but you’re caught

So firmly rooted in the silt that you can’t dodge the bullets

So filthy from the guilt you won’t dislodge or couldn’t

And you can’t call out, no you can’t call out,

Because the river is too damn loud.

Who am I to be talking? Eyes full of invalidation

There just ain’t a problem that can compare to your own situation

No Goliath larger than the indecision in your heart

No David stronger than your loneliness in the dark

When you slide your thumb across your mobile.

We’re all juvenile

You just aren’t that unique

You’re just trying to be more distinct than you think

Your competition is. Let me give you a tour

A real crash-course to being an entrepreneur

Step One: it’s about wants not needs

Think of something where the answer is “yes” not “please”

Wrap it up real nice, light ice, cool exterior

Powerpoint presentation got them fooled that you’re superior

Ulterior motives are your next of kin

Swaddle the wolf baby in that soft sheep’s skin

And let me use it. After that, let me abuse it.

Bind me with the stimulus so I’ll never refuse it.

I want to bathe in the sewage from the lights,weather permitting

I want to paint my name in neon across the brick wall I keep hitting.

The obligations in my heart clash with the opportunity of the era

Trade in my passions for an income to make an ugly chimera

You and I

We’re both children of the same parents

We’re both raised by ambition and the greed inherent

In our taste buds, and our tear ducts

In our stomachs and our livers and our conduct.

I know you’re hungry for truth

But before you bite down on the carcass of your youth

Trade in your spreadsheet for my cheat sheet

Let me offer up some fresh meat

The feeling when your phone battery still runs after two weeks

The freedom you recovered after dating that deadbeat

Consider moving forward means to momentarily retreat

A worthwhile side-step from your narrative

Into a comparatively less lucrative lifestyle. Meanwhile,

I want to message you with an electronic smile

I want your blue lit skin beguiled by my arial font

I want it to say, “there’s nothing more that I want”

Because I’m happy.