Talking Diversity

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Do you have burning questions or comments about diversity at UCSF? Here’s your chance to learn more and speak your mind to Chancellor Sam Hawgood.

On April 25, UCSF presents the 12thAnnual Chancellor's Leadership Forum on Diversity. This year’s theme is “Outreach Efforts and the Leaky Pipeline for Students, Faculty and Staff.”

The forum offers a platform for community members to hear from senior leadership on diversity initiatives at UCSF. Organizers encourage all to attend and bring questions.

During last year’s forum, some audience members said they wanted increased implementation of mandatory diversity trainings, increased summer interns from underrepresented minority and lower socioeconomic communities, improved data collection on LGBTQ staff and those with disabilities, and staff compensation that ensures equity across groups.

“Staff of color are definitely looking to see, hopefully, if there is more mandated training. Just as there is for cyber security and sexual harassment, perhaps around diversity and inclusion and climate as well,” said 11thannual forum panelist Sergio Saenz, Director of Recruitment and Retention in the School of Nursing last year.

In an impassioned moment illustrating grievances, one UCSF employee of 23 years became emotional last year as she talked about working for 12 years at Mission Bay as one of only two black employees on campus “who doesn’t wear a uniform.”

“I’ve been stopped like maybe five, 10 times, even outside the campus,” she said. “There’s an ongoing thing within my co-workers like, ‘You better make sure you wear your badge and have at least one white co-worker with you to verify what you say.’”

She said she also felt that her achievements were overlooked within her department.

“I’m the only one in my department to not be advanced. If I have 17 years in my department, and I have more experience than anyone else in my department, why am I one of the lowest paid?” she said. “It feels as though we are not valued.”

The comments drew unprompted applause.

Since its founding in 2010, the Office of Diversity and Outreach, led by Vice Chancellor Renee Navarro has seen increasingly diverse populations at UCSF, as well as more widespread diversity education and training efforts.

Between 2010 and 2017, the number of Hispanic faculty members more than doubled, and over 400 more women joined the faculty. Faculty comprises more than 3,000 employees. Among staff, which total more than 19,000 employees, the number of African-Americans increased by over 300, with modest gains among Hispanics and native Americans as well.

Will this year’s forum describe an improved sense of acceptance of diversity at UCSF? Watch and find out.

The 12thAnnual Chancellor's Leadership Forum on Diversity happens on Thursday, April 25, from noon to 1:30 p.m. at Cole Hall Auditorium.

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