Tuesday, May 23, 2023

if & when I am            no        longer mortal
returned to kilojoules &          gone to seed, all
fist & flower; when     components which
composed me are                    adjusted for statistical
frequency with                        machines there
in the earth;

if & when                    our moments
collapse in                               supernovae of
your bedroom; when   that glorious
obsession is                             my own tomb;

if&when the bus         frazzles all my particles
into electric                             motion; when
that sunlight opens into           lightning,
scatters                                                sunbeams into
altered squares;

if & when it’s              fateful then, the stilted
progress                                  of the seasons:
a place I’ve been
            without going;

if&when I’m hoping  
every                               tooth in me              released                      
the streets paved with             my bonedust                     
no                                feature spared