Beach in San Francisco

SF Beach

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Third place winner in the Synapse Storytelling Contest Photography category.

In this captured moment, behold a miniature range of sand,
A testament to nature’s grandeur, in a diminutive land. 
A snapshot intimate, where mountains small yet mighty stand, 
A glimpse into the wonders crafted by nature’s hand.
In the realm of sand, where peaks reside,
A grainy chorus, echoes quite wide.
Stretching out, the dunes doth lay, 
Their distant beauty, in sun’s gentle sway.
Kissed by fragments, of golden light,
They shimmer and glow, in nature’s delight.
In the sky’s canvas, the half-sun embraces,
A seamless blend of orange hues, a celestial grace.
Its warm glow caresses the horizon’s gentle line,
Etching beauty upon the sand, contours so fine.
In the heavens high, where twilight reigns,
A dusky sky broods, with solemn grace it stains.
A solitary gray cloud, like a lone wanderer’s plight,
Meanders through the vast expanse of fading light.
And lo! A sweeping streak of white appears,
A celestial brushstroke, cutting through the spheres.
Across the canvas of the heavens it dances,
A graceful stroke, as if by nature’s chances.
In the realm of ethereal artistry, 
A dance unfolds, both gentle and grand,
Where light and shadow intertwine,
Creating a tranquil mystique, so divine.
With delicate strokes, stands nature’s hand,
Overwhelming grace,
Subtle majesty,
A symphony of beauty, 
No one dares to efface.
The image, a tapestry of serenity,
Captures the essence of nature’s embrace,
A moment frozen, in time’s eternity,
A masterpiece, with much tranquility.