Have you ever driven on a familiar route without remembering how exactly you arrived at your destination? We are creatures of habit, and it is not unlikely that physicians may utilize habitual knowledge in making medical diagnoses.

This series explores the impact of open access journals on the scientific publishing industry. In this installment, we examine the publishing industry’s response to the growing popularity of open access journals.

Are you a student interested in an insider’s perspective on what it means to translate therapeutics, diagnostics, devices, or digital health into products and services that improve health?

What’s your fondest memory of dental school?

“The flashmob dance party is one of my best memories from dental school,” said Sarah Forbes, a fourth-year dental student, recalling a prank in June 2012, at the end of her second year.

For scientists around the world, the open access movement has radically changed how journal articles are read and distributed by offering an alternative to the dominant subscription-based access model.

When Eric Brown and Yamrot Alemu were applying to dental schools, they would stay with students from campus minority organizations whenever possible, as a way to save money on housing before their interviews and gain valuable insight into campus l

Student debt is in the headlines, and offers to help consolidate and manage that debt are beginning to appear in advertisements on TV, radio and on the sides of the local MUNI buses.  But that special service comes at a price. 

There’s something different about the new Walgreens in Millberry Union. From its clean minimalism and wide-open spaces to its frosted whites and pastel blues, the pharmacy exudes what is dubbed “the Apple Store experience.”

The passage of SB493 in the California Legislature and its signing into law by Gov. Jerry Brown late last year was cause for celebration at UCSF recently.

UCSF-UC Berkeley joint MTM program guides students interested in developing medical technologies