The staff at teaching hospitals such as UCSF Medical Center are accustomed to seeing third- and fourth-year medical students — with their bulging short white coats and unique air of eager ignorance — on the wards.

Cake and death are the foundation of “Death Cafés,” according to UCSF anthropologist Dr. Shelley Adler, PhD. At these gatherings, diverse strangers come together in small groups, eat cake and talk about death and dying.

Chanting.  Hooting.  Hollering and clapping.  Words of encouragement echoed throughout every crevice of Cole Hall, as the usually staid lecture hall was transformed into a rambunctious theater last Thursday night. 

On January 21, all registered students at UCSF received an online ballot in their UCSF emails asking them to vote on a referendum to approve a new student government structure, starting in the 2014 fall quarter.

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Life-science startup companies face unique challenges compared to tech startups.


With the coming of a new year, it is natural to hope for the best, fear the worst and work on resolutions for improvement.  While we wish for peace, health and prosperity, it behooves our health care system to be ready for disaster, in whatever fo

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Perhaps the best part about being in graduate school is meeting like-minded students: new friends who also love learning, intellectual conversations and have an appreciation for life in all of its complexity. 

A new student organization has formed that will focus on the dental needs of the Bay Area Filipino community.

A group of pharmacy school students organized a lecture series this fall to educate the UCSF community about precision medicine, an emerging field that utilizes the latest in medical technology and genome sequencing to analyze risk factors and pre