“Suck it, Trebek” took first place, scoring $10 Jamba Juice gift cards at Trivia Night, an event co-hosted by the ASUC and the GSA on November 30 in Cole Hall. Second-place team “Fiscal Cliff Bars” walked away with $5 Starbucks gift cards.

If you have ever been a spectator in an operating-room procedure, you know that most likely you will be squeezed into the corner with your arms tucked in, trying not to touch anything, doing your best to not get in anyone’s way, standing on your t

With a record of 8-2-1 and a commanding lead in their division, one would think it would be smooth sailing towards the playoffs for the 49ers, with none of the drama that surrounds other teams at this time of year.

If you take the UCSF shuttle to Mission Bay on a Thursday afternoon, you may find yourself outnumbered by animated physical therapy students.  While they may be dressed in the exercise pants and tennis shoes often associated with physical therapy,

A group of children from the movie A Closer Walk

Twenty-four years ago, two young men living in Switzerland, James W. Bunn and Thomas Netter — a San Francisco journalist and a public information officer — decided they had to make a change.

7 Billion Well provides platform for innovators

For the first time, I was working on art that was not about me or my life, or for the purpose of expressing my emotions. I volunteered with other community and gym members to create a mosaic for UCSF’s Millberry Fitness and Recreation Center.

Most of us have heard of the pap smear, an annual test that is part of gynecological care for women, whose goal is early detection and prevention of cervical cancer.

Every year, National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates and recognizes the generations of Hispanic Americans that have contributed so much to the United States and positively enriched our society.

Promoting UC goodness before Tuesday's critical vote on Proposition 30

The Onward California bus arrived on Parnassus Avenue last week, trading gelato bars for email addresses.