Imagine you’re at Mission Bay waiting for a shuttle to the Parnassus campus when the ball game at AT&T Park wraps up.

UCSF offers an array of student services tailored to the unique needs of graduate and professional students, and many of those services can be found in the Office of Student Life (OSL).

Right now, you are probably overwhelmed by the frantic bustle of back-to-school week, wondering where your next classroom is, looking for a study buddy, and watching your summer earnings evaporate in rental or textbook costs.

After a year of planning, the Multicultural Resource Center is open for business—the business of promoting diversity and inclusion at UCSF.  

At Learning Resource Services (LRS), students can develop strategies to improve the way they study, organize, and even take tests.

Picture of the view from the UCSF Parnassus Library

The UCSF Library has streamlined its services to help students’ lives run more smoothly, allowing students to reserve group study rooms online, make photocopies and print from library computers using UCSF ID cards, and to access research help and

Dean Watkins

Although she is new to the position of Dean of the Graduate Division, Dr. Elizabeth Watkins has been making substantial contributions to UCSF for nearly a decade.